Speed Up Your Site – Add a slash on your links

When it comes to speeding up your website or blog every piece of information is vital if that will help to improve opening your site faster.

Basically a link will be like “http://www.makeablogtips.blogspot.com/about”, and when a server opens this link it needs to determine what kind of file or webpage is connected to this address. This process could take little extra time and resulting in somewhat delaying loading your site.

To avoid this you can simply add a slash (“/”) at the end of the link, so the new address will look like this: “http://www.makeablogtips.blogspot.com/about/”, whereby the web server will immediately identify the address as a directory link and minimizing the time loading the page.

Optimize Images and speed up your site


Best Blog Host said...

Interesting. I can see why it would have to determine what to load, but I can't imagine it making a noticeable difference. I'm going to have to test that for myself.

Chris said...

This is a Good way to make your Blogload Faster many do not think that Images need to be optimised there is also a thing about gif Images in your Template which can cause loading problems

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