8 Tips For Creating Dynamic Blog Post Title To Ignite Twitter Retweet

Twitter is about making the world smaller generating efficient communication within the 140 characters at a time. Generally most of whom are live on Twitter are either in their workplaces doing their duties or attending to other responsibilities while keeping an eye on twitter. So if you need to grab the attention of your busy followers your tweet should outshine and stand out and this is where the Dynamic Post Title comes in.

Speed Up Your Site - Optimize Images

One of the main reasons why websites and blogs load slowly is because images are not optimized. Sites containing large number of images sometimes freeze while opening. Using an online image optimizer, you can decrease the file size of your images before loading to your blog or website.

Speed Up Your Site – Add a slash on your links

When it comes to speeding up your website or blog every piece of information is vital if that will help to improve opening your site faster.