How to include HTML Code in a Blog Post

Once you create your blog and start to make the blog posts, you may encounter certain situations where you need simple but important information in order to make your posts complete and effective. One such is to know how to include html codes within your blog posts.

How to open link in new window

To open link in a new window is useful for the site owner not to lose a visitor, and helpful for the visitor not to leave halfway the site they have visited.

Therefore, I thought of making a post to explain how to open a hyperlink in a new window or tab. This is actually simple but very beneficial.

How to Create Static Page in Blogger Blog

Create Navigation Bar in your Blogger Blog

Blogger has introduced an important feature called 'Stand-Alone Pages' (static pages). These are pages made of sticky posts and displayed in tabs or links indefinitely at the top of your blog or in the side bar.

These pages could be used to provide important information to the reader, such as About Page, Archive, Contact, Special Posts, Offers, etc. Blogger allows you to make up to 10 such pages hence you can create your navigation bar.

Importance of Anchor Text

Anchor text provides the user relevant description or clarification about the link's destination. Anchor text, sometimes referred to as clickable text is a vital element in SEO.

How Often Should You Post a Blog?

This is always been an issue among bloggers to determine how often to post on their blogs to bring in new readers and achieve success. Here are some factors which could determine post frequency.

What is Anchor Text

Anchor text sometimes referred to as clickable text, are the word or words which contain a hyperlink in a website or blog.

How to add a widget or sticky post on top of posts on Blogger blog

This is an important piece of information for those want to create a sticky post or add a widget on top of the posts in the main page on Blogger blog. There is a easy way to do it.

Meta Tag Analyzer

I was browsing the net sometime back and found an exciting tool called “Meta Tag Analyzer”. This tool checks your meta tags to optimize according to your website or blog content.

How to add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blog

Meta tags introduce your site or blog to search engines. Meta tags communicate with the search engines and give more details about your site. These tags are vital especially if you are running a website or blog to make sure that search engines can easily find your site and index the pages more accurately.