How to add a widget or sticky post on top of posts on Blogger blog

This is an important piece of information for those want to create a sticky post or add a widget on top of the posts in the main page on Blogger blog. There is a easy way to do it.

A “sticky post” is a post that could be placed on top of your main page indefinitely, and normal posts will be posted below this. This page is used often to announce important information to the reader, such as a contest or upcoming event.

Here are the easy steps.

1. Log on to your Blogger account and click "Layout" in your "Dashboard."

2. Select "Add a Page Element" (Add a Gadget) and choose "Text" and enter the details you want, you can also select "HTML/JavaScript and enter a code or select other options. After completing save the Page Element.

3. In the “Add and Arrange Page Elements” section choose the page or gadget you have just created, click and drag the item to the top of the "Blog Posts" section and place it there.

4. Now click "Preview" in order to make sure the sticky post or widget appears at the top of the post section and click "Save."


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